About us

Anna.S was founded by Anna Sylla in 2016 in London, England

Her love for lipsticks started when she was just a little girl, she loved watching her mother getting dress in front of the mirror and a lipstick was always the final touch.

Being born and raised in Paris, France she was always around women from different nationalities and she quickly understood that a lipstick was indispensable in a woman's life.

She created the brand out of her love to everything related to woman's beauty and natural organic ingredients coming from Africa. Being a black woman, she wanted to create colours that will suits every skin tones. She has been well aware of the chemicals and animal's fat use in most products on the market so having all her ingredients natural was very essential. 

All Anna.S products are handmade with natural ingredients and oils. One of the ingredients that is used is Shea Butter from Ivory Coast west Africa where Anna is originally from. Generations and generations of women in Anna's family have been using this butter and she has been using it on her little girl since birth.

Anna's goal is one day to be able to create a foundation for children who have been abused physically and mentally.

Please have a look at our beautiful products all handmade with love and passion.