How Celibacy helped me to focus on myself.💖

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How Celibacy helped me to focus on myself.💖

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For the last 3 years I have noticed that more and more people, both men and women have decided to be celibate. So I thought that I will be talking about it since I am myself a celibate. Often, people get confused between celibacy and abstinence. I will try my best to explain the difference between those two.


Celibacy Is the state of voluntary being sexually abstinent usually for religious reasons or spirutual believes. Abstinence can be defined as a self imposed restraint from sexual activity. The reasons will vary from person to person. There you have it. One is for religious purpose and the other one will depend on how you feel for a limited time. You can be abstinent even while being married.  

I myself chose to be celibate for religious reasons but also because I was sure that something positive will come out of it. 2 years ago after I separated from my daughter's  father. I just thought that it was the easiest choice for me, falling into another relationship was not in my mind. I wanted to focus on God, myself, my daughter and my business. I wanted things to be normal and peaceful. I had no energy left for a man and I needed to be myself again. 

Before I got surely into it. I wanted to have more informations. So I went on YouTube and found that gorgeous girl who was talking about it and explaining how much good being celibate brought in her life. I knew now for sure that this is what I wanted. 

We live in a society where sex is everywhere, rather you want to see it or not. It is there, on tv, magazines, social media etc. We keep on giving so much and so fast to people that we don't even know. Now don't get me wrong, sex is amazing but how far do we have to go for people to notice us. 

I feel that my body is a temple, I see it as something that has no price and can't even being valued. I feel that my body is something very powerful that I own, so I could never give it to somebody that will not care as much as I do. Being a mother is also why I chose to take this road. Anybody that will come into my life will automatically come into my daughter's life and I have full responsibility to it. Everything that shine isn't necessarily gold. Dude may look good from outside but not be so good inside. 

Often we jump into relationships because we are scared to be by ourselves. We fall for the first person that comes, even though we see the signs from the beginning, we choose to ignore them. We give or bodies and souls and when we finally realise that it was a mistake we've been in it for too long and we feel that it is too late to leave. My beautiful queen, it is never too late.

Sharing your body in my opinion is sharing your energie, sharing your soul, you are sharing your spirits. Have you ever noticed that after you finish to make love you will still smell the other person's odour. This is how strong it is. I am not ready to share all of this with someone that is not deserving of it. He will have to be my husband.

I have seen so many positive things being on that journey. It has been 2 years now that I am more in control of my emotions and my mind, I have taken the time to know and love my body again. I have been more focus on the things that I always wanted to do. I have been more spiritual and have learn to understand people better, I also recently started to pray for people,  ask people for forgiveness in my prayers if I ever offended them. Now when I meet a man, I am more focus in the things that comes from his mouth, his values, his heart and less focus on his look. I mean I've never been shallow when it comes to looks anyway. I am also sure that I could never be with a man that doesn't strongly believe in God. That will be a no for me. 

Now you may wonder about the sex part. My beautiful queen, you may think that you could be best friends and agree on everything and when it is gonna come to this it will be all wrong. And my answer is why would it be?  If it is the man that is supposed to be for you. Sex will be Amazing cause it won't be just the act but it will be special and you will feel safe and wanted. This man will be focusing on you and not only on the act. It won't be a selfish sex activity but a making love for love. A selfless man will always bring it down in bed because he is  looking for to please you. Also a man not a boy will always act as a protector. Trust, if you are with a real man, you've got nothing to worry about in the bedroom.

At the end, remember that it is your choice, your life. Whatever makes you happy go for it. Don't ever let anyone force you into anything. Make the right choice for your own happiness. Nobody has the right to judge you. God loves you. I will talk to you next week for a new topic.😘😘😘😍😍🤗

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